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Benefits of Reiki

How Reiki Heals

Life Energy, or Ki

life force energyOur life energy or “Ki” flows through our bodies along various pathways called chakras, meridians and nadis. This energy also extends beyond our body in what is called our aura. Our aura has many layers and extends about 4-5 feet from the body. As previously mentioned, when our “Ki” is high and/or flowing freely, we are in good health. When it is blocked or sluggish we are more prone to illness. This is because it is the “Ki” energy that nourishes our physical organs and the cells of our body, helping them to work efficiently. The flow can be disrupted by a variety of things, such as emotional or physical injuries.

Negative Thoughts or Feelings

It is important to note that “Ki” can be affected by how we think. If we are thinking negative thoughts and feeling negative feelings (anger, hate, sadness, anxiety or worry) our Ki is disrupted and does not flow as easily. This negative thinking can create a blockage in the flow of energy in the body system.

Reiki Energy

When a client is receiving a Reiki treatment, the God-consciousness or “Rei” part of the energy assesses where the person is blocked and sends energy to that area. This is usually to the block that is closest to the placement of the practitioner’s hands. However, it may travel to where it is needed most. The Reiki energy travels through the body, removing blockages and raising the vibrational level of the energy around the body. As the blockages are removed from the energy pathways of the body, the “Ki” can flow smoothly.


As the energy works, the client may feel a tingling sensation or a vibration. They may feel the sensation of energy moving in their body as the practitioner sends the high vibrational energy.

Focus Areas

A Reiki practitioner is guided by the “god consciousness” or their intuition to focus on certain areas of the body. Some practitioners may use a pendulum to assist them in checking the energy in the chakras. They may put their hand on a chakra of the body and ask the pendulum for information about that chakra. This can also be done using the practitioner's intuition.


Chakras are energy centers of the body or transformers of subtle energy. They take the universal life energy always around us and transform it into energy that the body can use to keep us well. There are 7 major chakra centers. 1. Base chakra, 2. Sacral Chakra, 3. Solar Plexus Chakra, 4. Heart Chakra, 5. Throat Chakra, 6. Third Eye Chakra and 7. Crown Chakra. Energy can be lodged or stuck in the Chakras causing them to reduce the flow. This can result in illness.


Meridians are the pathways in the body that the energy travels or flows. They contain the energy points and are usually associated with an organ or physical system of the body.

Benefits of Reiki

Long History of Treatment

Reiki has a long history of being used in treating many illness and injuries. It aids the body by supporting the immune system and accelerates its natural tendency to heal. Reiki works well in conjunction with other healing modalities. It has been used in working with people with multiple sclerosis, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and stroke. It is used for treating skin problems, bruises, cuts, broken bones, sunburn, sore throat, insomnia, back aches, muscle tension, impotence, headaches and more.


Reiki is excellent for relaxation, stress management, management of pain, shortening of healing time and mood improvement. A client may experience a positive sense of well-being or feel a greater connection with their spiritual natures.

Support for Psychological Treatment

Reiki is also used to support psychological treatment. Some psychotherapists refer their clients to a Reiki Practitioner to aid in their emotional healing.



Carley Mattimore would like to give credit to William Rand for some of the above information on Reiki that was adapted from his book: Reiki: The Healing Touch (First and Second Degree Manual) January 2005