Carley Mattimore

Reiki Master

Reiki Master

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International Center for Reiki Training

life force

William Rand's website features a Reiki newsletter, stories, articles, a Reiki store and extensive information about Reiki. His website offers 350 web pages and 150 articles covering every area of Reiki practice.


Gloria Ferguson

Gloria has been a Reiki Master and teacher since 1996. Gloria leads Reiki Retreats, publishes the ReikiWorks Newletter and provides training in Reiki Level I, II, III/Master and Karuna Reiki. ReikiWorks is a quartly newsletter published to serve the central Illinois Reiki community since 2005.


Heartland Healing Arts Center

The Heartland Healing Arts Center in Springfield, Illinois is a group of healing arts professionals dedicated to promoting health and wellness for the mind, body & spirit. They draw from a broad range of expertise, education, and specialized training to facilitate healthy lifestyles.